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History: The Evolution of a Company Logo

1882   The first logo was developed to market Bankers Life Association. 1882 Logo
1913   In 1911 Bankers Life Association became a mutual company and was renamed Bankers Life Company. This "shield" logo, using the company's initials became the first graphic representation of the company name. 1913 Logo
1922   In order to make the full name of the company better known the company made the "shield" logo the center of a double circle filled with Bankers Life Company. 1922 Logo
1934   In the midst of the Great Depression the company sought a logo that would instill confidence, promote patriotism and promise a bright future. The logo developed used the image of Lady Liberty and incorporated the promise of financial freedom. 1934 Logo
1938   With the Depression at an end and the company nearing the $1 billion life-insurance-in-force milestone, The company chose a cleaner, more easily recognized logo using a special typeface. 1938 Logo
1940   The new Home Office building was the highlight of 1940 for the company. So, the "building of the decade" was incorporated into the company logo. 1940 Logo
1946   World War II had just come to an end. Everyone was ready to go back to the basics and get on with their lives. The logo used from 1946-1968 places direct emphasis on the company name and Home Office city. 1946 Logo
1968   By 1968 there were hundreds of insurance companies with "Bankers" in their name. One out-of-state company even kept a post office box in the city so they could look like our Bankers Life Company. The company developed a completely new look. The graphic emphasized the mutuality of the company with entwined circles. "The" was added to Bankers Life and the company became The Bankers Life...the one and only. 1968 Logo
1985   By the 1980s the company was growing and expanding. The name The Bankers Life had become restrictive. It couldn't be used as we formed new subsidiaries and that kept the company from having an overall umbrella identity that would encompass all the subsidiaries. After much research, the company settled on the new name...The Principal Financial Group. The word "Principal" means primary and relates to money. The "edge" shaped logo stood out among other logos and graphically depicted the advantage or edge we give our customers. 1985 logo
1998   The word "The" was removed from the logo to simplify it.. 1998-present logo

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