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Offering Benefits

Why offer dental coverage

Routine preventive care like cleanings and exams help maintain oral health and detect other problems. It also helps prevent costlier procedures in the future.

Paying out of pocket for visits to the dentist and dental care can be costly, so employees appreciate access to coverage.

For your business, offering dental insurance can play a part in lowering medical and disability costs since dentists can detect or help mitigate the impact of health issues like diabetes, cancer, pre-term birth and heart disease.

Why offer disability insurance

In the event of a disability, knowing employees will receive an income that can be spent on whatever they need offers peace of mind.

Disability insurance is one of the most important, but often overlooked, employee benefits. It protects one of your employees' most valuable assets – their ability to continue to earn an income if they become too sick or injured to work.

Easy to offer, short-term disability (STD) and long-term disability (LTD) coverages help provide employees with replacement income before physical concerns become financial worries.

Why offer life insurance

Knowing they will be able to provide financial security for their loved ones offers peace of mind.

Everybody needs life insurance – including your employees.

Whether you pay for coverage or give employees the opportunity to purchase it for themselves and their families, access to life insurance at work offers peace of mind in the unexpected loss of a loved one.

Why offer vision insurance

Vision care and eyewear are costly, so employees appreciate the savings. Plus identifying other issues can help lower future health care costs.

Millions of Americans, including your employees, have vision care needs.

Easy to offer and administer, vision insurance can help protect your employees' health – and their wallets. They will appreciate access to valuable coverage and the opportunity to save on frames, lenses, contacts and exams.

Why offer voluntary insurance

You may get more satisfied and productive employees who feel financially secure.

With voluntary insurance, you can provide employees with access to quality coverage at no direct cost to your benefit budget.

Voluntary insurance can help round out your benefit package, filling in gaps in coverage and providing employees the opportunity to maintain physical and financial well-being. And according to the Principal Well-Being Index, 74% of employees say it is either important or absolutely essential for them to buy voluntary benefits at work*.

*Principal Financial Well-Being IndexSM, 1Q 2010

EC 3860B | 11/2011

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