Chile Earthquake

Rebuilding After an Earthquake in Chile

On Saturday, Feb. 27, 2010, Chile was devastated by a magnitude 8.8 earthquake, the fifth largest in recorded history. The Principal has had operations in Chile since 1995 and employs 1,450 employees and sales staff in 45 offices throughout the country. The headquarters are in Santiago, located about 200 miles from the earthquake's epicenter.

Rebuilding Homes in Hualañé, Chile

Fortunately, none of our employees were injured during the earthquake. And everyone wanted to help others who suffered loss. Nearly 1,069 families were left without homes.

Principal Chile organized a volunteer effort to help people whose homes were destroyed in the town of Hualañé, near the epicenter. More than 140 Principal Chile employees, family members and friends traveled to Hualañé in April and built 22 homes.

Bringing Hope to Hualañé

Following the earthquake, The Principal announced a pledge of $131 million Chilean Pesos (approximately $250,000 USD), to support relief efforts in Chile.

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