Being a good corporate citizen is part of our culture at The Principal®, tying back to our core value of integrity. Part of being a good corporate citizen means being a good neighbor in the communities where our employees live and work.

Our community involvement takes many forms—from large-scale, company-organized initiatives to employees who follow their passions and dig in to make a difference. We’re proud of the many ways we help enrich our communities, several of which are detailed in this section:

  • Signature Initiatives
    Occasionally an opportunity presents itself in which we can have a wide-reaching and lasting impact on our communities. When these opportunities align themselves with our civic and business interests, we take on a significant leadership role. And we take great pride in doing so.

  • Volunteerism
    Through Principal Volunteer Network, Iowa’s oldest corporate volunteer organization, we encourage employees to get involved in helping community organizations important to them. Our Volunteer Time Off benefit and time employees can allocate for corporately sponsored Days of Action events make it even more likely employees will become involved with the community.

  • Community Events
    By sponsoring a wide variety of community events in various locations, we help make the communities in which we operate great places to live, work and play. And we have a lot of fun doing it!

  • Empowered Employees
    Our goal is to inspire our employees to take action when their help is needed. We couldn't be more proud of how our employees respond. They truly understand how fulfilling volunteer work can be, and they repeatedly and selflessly step up to the plate.

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