Adoption Benefits

Adoption Benefits Supported Life-Changing Journey

For Jason Moore, a senior regional director with Principal Funds, the past few years have brought many highs and lows. During that time, he balanced a successful career with a long, emotional journey for the adoption of his daughter, Kinsey, from China.

Fortunately, Moore was able to count on the flexibility and adoption leave benefits available to him from the Principal Financial Group®.

“Management knew we didn’t have much notice prior to traveling for the adoption, and many people offered to help me. The flexibility was tremendous,” Moore says. “I didn’t have to think about work commitments or benefits. In fact, it was the furthest thing from my mind.”

Adoption Benefits

A Journey of Faith

As a top wholesaler in northern California, Moore builds successful relationships with financial advisors across his large region by providing capital markets expertise to help them with their business.

While earning top sales awards, Moore was engaged in an adoption journey that involved many tests of perseverance and faith. In addition to facing the significant administrative hurdles of working through two governments’ adoption requirements, the Moores were tragically blindsided when the first child they were matched with and planning to adopt passed away.

“We were getting our travel plans together to adopt her, and her very sudden, unexpected death was devastating,” Moore says.

Leaning on their faith and the support of Moore’s co-workers and their church family, the Moores decided to try again and received a second referral, began making travel plans again and then found the child’s special needs were so severe that they weren’t approved to care for her.

At that point, the couple was concerned not only for their emotional health, but also for the well-being of their three young biological children. So, Moore says they talked to each child individually — and what they heard was amazing. “Our daughter, who is 10 going on 30, said, ‘God has a plan for us — we have to keep trying.’ And her younger brothers agreed. Without her saying that, we probably would have stopped trying.”

The Moores went back in the adoption queue for one more try. Three days later, they received a referral for their 28-month-old daughter, Kinsey, whom they adopted from China in January 2013.

The family is thriving, and Moore is so appreciative of all the support he received from his leaders and co-workers, as well as the company’s adoption leave and reimbursement. Without these benefits, this important journey for Moore and his family would not have been possible.

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