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Implications for Changing Investment Managers


Once you have put in place the "right" investment managers for a portfolio, careful monitoring of their performance is an important, ongoing responsibility. A robust monitoring program is essential to:

  1. Effectively evaluate manager performance,
  2. Identify manager concerns early on, and
  3. Decide the appropriate action(s) to take whenever a concern is noted.

To be most effective, a monitoring program should be constructed so that each time an investment manager issue is identified, a specific process is set in motion to evaluate and address the concern with the manager. Many manager issues can be remedied in this manner.

However, not every investment manager may resolve an issue to your satisfaction in a reasonable amount of time. In this case, one important question ultimately needs to be answered: Going forward, what is the best manager arrangement for this portfolio? How you answer this question likely will determine whether the manager is retained or terminated.

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