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In additional to an innovative product line-up, Princor also offers a wide variety of technology solutions — all designed to help you serve your clients.

Our solutions are available to you a la carte, and we never require you to commit to an expensive technology package. What's more, Princor solutions share data which helps to bolster efficiency and maximize your access to client information.

Each of the following technology solutions is available at little or no cost to you, and is supported by a team dedicated to helping you through hands-on training and on-demand support.

Tool What it does for you and your clients
NetX360TM Lets you spend less time searching for answers and getting data, and more time serving your clients. You can view all your Pershing brokerage accounts in one location, enter and review orders, get real-time quotes, obtain the latest news and investment research, and more.
NetExchange Client® Complements your personal service by making trades, news, and account information available to your clients around the clock via the internet.
Albridge Wealth ReportingTM Allows you to easily consolidate and organize all of your accounts in one location. Already compliance approved, you can put together reviews for clients, show clients a rate of return across several date ranges, email statements and reports to clients on a periodic basis, and data mine your entire client base to uncover new opportunities for gathering assets.
CashEdge CashEdge works with Albridge Wealth Reporting to consolidate your client's online financial accounts, including investment, retirement, and insurance accounts, as well as hard-to-access assets such as life insurance, mortgage, credit cards, annuities and REITs.
SmartOffice® SmartOffice works as a client relationship management (CRM) tool that allows you to manage your book of business in an efficient manner. The Web-based program lets you do business from anywhere via the Web and integrates with Albridge, Laser App and Microsoft® Outlook®.
Laser App Lets you focus on selling, rather than completing paperwork. Using state of the art form-filling technology, you can download client information from many contact manager software programs. Simply choose an application from the menu and the form appears on your computer screen with up to 80% of the information already filled in for you. No need to know form numbers or pull forms.
Morningstar Advisor Workstation Provides you with added credibility from one of the most well-respected and well-known names in the industry. With its ability to import client portfolios directly from Albridge, Workstation provides a full range of investment planning, client presentation, portfolio analysis, and investment research tools at your desktop.
eMoney Advisor 360 Pro As a fee-based financial planning tool, helps you maximize the potential of each client – from both a service and revenue standpoint. The technology identifies strengths and weaknesses in asset allocation, keeps accounts up-to-date, and monitors significant portfolio changes.
MoneyGuideProTM A web-based tool which focuses primarily on goals-based planning, asset allocation and what-if scenarios. MoneyGuidePro (MGP) seamlessly integrates with Albridge. Additionally, MGP has a "Supersolve" function that enables you to quickly optimize a client's goals utilizing Monte Carlo results if the probability of reaching the goals fall short of likely being met.
Financial Strategies Pro Planning Software used to develop modular or comprehensive financial plans. Plans can be simple or complex depending on a client's needs. Added functionality such as detailed cash flow and tax-sensitivity can be incorporated into FS-Pro plans.

Contact us to learn more about the technology options available with Princor.


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