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Disability Resources For You
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Innovative Solutions

Principal Life Insurance Company offers the disability solutons your business needs.

  • Comprehensive disability product portfolio
    • Group Long Term Disability (LTD) insurance – a great foundation of income protection for employees. The most common plan designs, however, typically do not provide enough benefits, especially for highly compensated employees.
    • Individual Disability Income (DI) insurance – an ideal way to protect a greater portion of employees' incomes. It's commonly used as an executive perk to supplement group LTD insurance.
    • DI Retirement Securityallows employees to continue saving for retirement in the event of a disability.
  • Innovative Underwriting – Program designs are available to meet the needs of your company, including solutions that begin with as few as three employees and include a 20% discount!
  • Tailored Solutions – You can customize product features and program designs to fit the needs of your business and employees. Individual DI solutions can be packaged with Group LTD or offered on a standalone basis.
  • Guaranteed Coverage – If you have at least 10 enrolled employees, this program provides insurance without routine medical inquiries, attending physician statements or electrocardiograms (EKGs).
  • Payment Flexibility You can choose to:
    • Pay all the premiums
    • Have employees pay the premiums (voluntary)
    • Offer a combination of both – to varying employee classes

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Did You Know?

The average cost to replace an employee is 1.5 times his or her salary? For top performers, that cost typically runs between two and three times their salary.


Source: Eric Omer, "It Costs How Much to Replace an Employee?,", July 2, 2009


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