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Working with a Financial Professional or Advisor

Jean Chatzky, financial journalist, shares her thoughts on why working with an advisor can be a great idea.

Putting together a financial strategy can be complicated—making it easy to get overwhelmed. A financial professional or advisor can help you cut through the confusion and create a personalized strategy to help you achieve your dreams.

What a financial professional or advisor can do for you

  • Assess your current financial situation
  • Set realistic—and achievable—goals
  • Create a financial strategy
  • Help you put your plan into action
  • Help you keep your plan on track – no matter what life throws at you

Three steps to get you started

  1. Things to consider when looking for an advisor
  2. Get connected with an advisor in your area
  3. Prepare for your meeting with an advisor


Jean Chatzky is a compensated financial commentator, is not affiliated with any company of the Principal Financial Group and the views she expresses are not necessarily those of the Principal Financial Group or any member company.

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