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Dream Again

Working after retirement

More workers are planning to supplement their income in retirement by working. The percentage of those planning to work after they retire has increased, according to the Employee Benefit Research Institution (EBRI). It's never too early to start preparing for work after retirement. Here are a few tips to help you prepare:

Assess your current skills and interests

What work have you most enjoyed in the past? What type of work setting do you prefer?

If you are in a technical field, be sure your skills are up-to-date. Take advantage of any training opportunities or tuition reimbursement programs available from your current employer or begin to take courses on your own.

Research the job or field of work you're considering

Is this field growing or shrinking? What new skills will you need? What are future predictions for job availability? Do jobs in this field exist where you live?

There's a world of information available on the Internet, or ask about job outlook resources at your local library.

Network and get support

Become active in trade and professional associations. Let friends and family know about your interest in working in retirement. Research a specific company or organization and contact it for information on its needs.

Scan for potential employers

Job ads that mention maturity, good judgment and work experience indicate a company that is actively seeking older workers. If you find companies that seem like a good fit, learn as much about them as possible so you can make a strong case for employment.

Sign up for a job bank

A few employers have begun job banks to use on-call employees rather than temporary agencies when a need arises. Retirees can use their knowledge and skills on a part-time basis.


Taking on an unpaid position while you are still working can give you valuable experience that may help you in a new career. You'll also be likely to meet other people who might be able to provide you with tips and leads to job opportunities you might otherwise miss.

Contact your financial professional

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