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Privacy and Security
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Online Security

The information for the accounts you have with the Principal Financial Group® is kept secure and confidential through multiple security features and procedures.

  • The information you request from our website for your accounts can only be accessed with your username, password and login image and phrase. It is your responsibility to keep your login information confidential.
    • Do not disclose your login information to anyone. Our employees and associates will never ask you for your password.
    • If you write your login information down, keep it locked in a safe place where others can't see it.
    • Contact us immediately to change your login information if you suspect someone has discovered it.
  • Information you submit through our website, as well as the information we send back to you while you are visiting our website, is protected while passing through the Internet using strong encryption ("scrambling" to make it incomprehensible) when necessary. Our secure server software encrypts information, ensuring that Internet communications through our website stay private and protected.
  • To enable our customers to process transactions at our website, we use cookies.
  • Your account information is not permanently stored on our Web server. The information only resides on our Web server while you are viewing the information. It is permanently stored on our secured corporate computer systems.
  • Our corporate network systems, which store your account information, use proven security controls.
  • We have data security staff whose sole responsibilities are to ensure the security of the information we process and store.
  • The Principal Financial Group® has policies and procedures in place to limit access to your information to only those who have a business need to view it.

Secure Server Software

To ensure the security of your confidential account information, we use proven security software to encrypt the information before it is transmitted through the Internet. We only allow confidential information to be submitted for transmission if your browser is compatible with TLS, our security software. If your browser is not compatible, you will receive a message indicating your transaction can not be completed because of the security risk.

Transport Layer Security (TLS) establishes a secure connection between two parties (for example, your browser and our web server). It is used to implement HTTPS, the secure version of HTTP, and is an open technology supported across various browsers (for example, Microsoft Internet Explorer). The Principal® requires that you use an TLS-enabled browser to communicate with the secure area of our site. You know you are visiting the secure area of our site when the URL begins with "https://...".

To provide you with a high level of security, Principal Financial Group recommends you use the most current browsers that support the latest encryption technology.

In addition to protecting communications between your browser and our server, TLS is also used to protect communications between our web server and our mainframe system. We have also implemented a firewall to protect all of our systems that are not part of the Internet from intrusion.

If you have further questions or comments regarding security, please contact us.

Have a question? Call us at 1.800.986.3343

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