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Model 3 - Actively Sponsored Hybrid 403(b)

Review Your Plan, and Take Actions as Necessary

There typically are three explanations for why a 403(b) plan would be considered an Actively Sponsored Hybrid 403(b) model (Model 3). Plan sponsors may fall under one or a combination of the following reasons:

Explanation A: The plan sponsor came from a non-actively sponsored, non-ERISA arrangement and started a new ERISA 403(b) plan at some time in the past; and/or

Explanation B: The plan sponsor runs an actively sponsored plan and has consciously chosen more than one service provider; and/or

Explanation C: The plan sponsor runs an actively sponsored plan and has changed service providers at some point in the past.

To comply with 403(b) regulations, action is required for all Actively Sponsored Hybrid 403(b) plans. To determine the action you need to take, select the link(s) below that pertains to the explanation(s) for why your plan could fall under the Actively Sponsored Hybrid 403(b) model. NOTE: Many plans will have more than one explanation for being an Actively Sponsored Hybrid 403(b). Please be sure to review each of the links that pertain to your plan.

Explanation A fits my plan.

Explanation B fits my plan.

Explanation C fits my plan.

Is Your Plan Compliant?

View a printable version of the 403(b) Diagnostic Tool.

View a printable version of the 403(b) diagnostic tool.

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