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A $1 Million Tale: One Woman's Business Building Triumph

This past teleclass was recorded and transcribed for your convenience. Listen to the recorded audio or read the written transcript:

Class Overview

One woman business owner will spill the beans on how she created a multi-million dollar company from the ground up and identified a need in an untapped market. Hear her inspiring story and walk away with advice and insight on how to make an idea take off.

Our Speaker

Cordia HarringtonCordia Harrington is the founder, CEO, and president of Tennessee Bun Company. Founded in 1996, Tennessee Bun Company supplies buns to restaurants such as McDonald's, Chili's and Pepperidge Farm. Tennessee Bun Company is one of the most highly automated bakeries in the world, producing 1,000 buns per minute, and ships to 40 states east of the Rockies and to the Caribbean

"Building a business from the ground up and seeing it take off is the most rewarding experience an entrepreneur can have," Harrington explains. "My passion is to help other people discover the incredible potential inside of them and while there is no secret recipe for building a million dollar company, hearing about someone else's experience can definitely help to guide you along the way."

Harrington has been nationally recognized in many media outlets. In 2005, she was featured on the CBS Early Show, ABC's Money Matters, NPR's Motley Fool and NBC Nightly News. She was number 16 in FAST Company magazine's Fastest Growing Woman-Owned Business list in 2004 and Woman Business Owner of the Year in 2000 (National Association of Women Business Owners). Her companies have received recognition in Nashville's Future 50 since 1999.

Additional Resources

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