Chris' Story On Continually Learning

Photo of Chris Kinnison.

As an actuary, I’ve held different positions, each stretching me in a new direction. I began my career as an actuarial assistant, pricing optional coverage for medical plans. I moved on to a new role pricing and reserving Guaranteed Interest Contracts and later led a team that priced new and existing retirement products. More recently I oversee financial reporting and projections for a segment of our retirement business, that includes forecasting, analyzing results and preparing information for senior management as well as our quarterly earnings reports.

I’ve enjoyed working at Principal because of the numerous development opportunities. I’ve had the opportunity to work in several roles and have also become an accredited actuary along the way. But, what’s more enticing is the chance to learn. For someone like me with a natural curiosity about things, it’s a great fit because I’m continually learning and, in turn, helping our organization become better, faster and stronger.