Kelley's Story On Job Flexibility

Prior to The Principal, I worked for a local TV station. That was what I initially wanted to do after college. But, things changed—now I do videotaping and editing as a hobby. Although I wasn't pursuing a position in financial services, I had heard great things about The Principal, so I thought I'd apply. I'm glad I did.

I realized very quickly that working for a great company was much more important than being in a particular career field. And, that there are so many avenues for growth within a global financial services company like The Principal.

When I first started at The Principal, I was an administrative coordinator for our account executives. That included scheduling annual review appointments with clients and the preparation of materials for those discussions. Nearly two years later, I moved to a client service associate position where I provide client service and day-to-day account management for retirement plans.

The company's flexibility and commitment to volunteerism lets me travel with my husband's high school football team to videotape games that aren't on the home field. Working at The Principal allows me to keep up my video production hobby and that's important to me.