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You don’t get a reputation for excellent customer service without the kind of top talent we have. Our customer and client services representatives are just one of our not-so-secret weapons for providing the best solutions in our industry.

  • Michael's Story On Investing In Success

    The thing I like most about The Principal is being in a sales role and having the opportunity to meet new people and share my company story. The External Sales Development Program has given me the fundamental tools to be a Sales Rep with Group Distribution and essentially run my own businesses. I'm able to market myself how I see fit, operate how I feel works best, and strategize how I would like to grow my practice. I'm able to do all of this with one of the strongest brands within the financial services industry.

    It seems that finding someone who has worked at The Principal for 10 or 15 years is the norm. People love working here, and they are willing to devote their careers and professional development to this company. In turn, The Principal rewards team members by investing in their success and recognizing accomplishments.


    Michael's background

    Community College/University attended: The George Washington University

    Major/Minor/Emphasis of study: Major: Marketing

    Length of time working at The Principal: 1 Year

    Current position and department: Sales Rep, Group Distribution (group benefits insurance products)

    Traits which would allow someone to be successful in this career and/or company: Being unafraid to ask questions and being okay with not knowing all the answers is something I have struggled with from the very beginning, but if you can get past this hurdle you will see your development increase exponentially. You should be curious and hungry to hunt for the best solutions for the client. Professional persistency is also a key trait. Never let shortcomings get you down; use them to motivate you to do better work.

  • Amanda's Story On Balancing Work, Family, and Development

    The Principal is bursting at the seams with development opportunities for women at all levels. It's only a matter of choosing an opportunity that fits best for you. The development opportunities I've been given this past year lead to positive results. I have no problem putting my heart into my work at The Principal because The Principal puts their heart into employee development. The Principal has a work life blend culture.

    I'm a working mother in the Midwest and support an Individual Disability West Coast territory. I'm able to provide sales support to our West Coast customers during their core hours, drop my daughter at school each morning along with participating in an Employee Resource Group Mentee Program paired with a Managing RVP as a mentor located on the East Coast. It's a win-win for our customers, my family and my development as a woman of The Principal.

  • Brian's Story On Career Growth and Coaching

    During my over 20 years with the company, I've had the opportunity to wear several sales and service hats. I started my career as a group and pension representative in Washington, D.C. I was promoted to a group and pension manager in San Jose and then moved to Houston as a regional group and pension manager. Prior to my current position, I was a regional group and pension consultant in Charlotte.

    I'm now a vice president and national director of business development leading regional directors who work with our 12 alliance partners like Morgan Stanley, Wachovia, UBS and others. What I like best about my position is coaching others to success. In my role that's what it's all about, helping people become their best.

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