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You don’t get a reputation for excellent customer service without the kind of top talent we have. Our customer and client services representatives are just one of our not-so-secret weapons for providing the best solutions in our industry.

  • Jennifer's Story On Flexibility and Exciting Work

    After attending law school, I was worried about finding a career path that would fulfill my competitive spirit and still provide the work/life balance that I needed for my growing family. Five months after taking my position at The Principal, I had a baby. At the time, I had no idea how much flexibility I'd need.

    As a working mom, I appreciate the company's support in helping employees achieve a work/life balance. Here, I have the kind of career that I can feel excited about and the flexibility to spend time with the people who excite me. While I'm thankful for the work/life balance and supportive leadership, I enjoy what I do. When I started at The Principal, I had little knowledge of securities. Although I haven't arrived in understanding all of the complexities of the industry, I've been able to learn very detailed information in a relatively short time.

    As a senior broker-dealer compliance analyst, I need to have a strong understanding of our business and the industry. In my role, I read and review securities regulations and legislation to ensure that our broker-dealer channel, Principal Securities, Inc., is in compliance with them. In addition, I review various agreements and serve as a contact for litigations/arbitrations involving our broker-dealer. With the support of my leaders, I've been able to attend industry conferences and preparation time and resources to take various exams to help me do my job better.

  • Kristin's Story On Challenging Work and Relationships

    My career has naturally evolved and kept my interest. I really haven’t had time to stop and think, “What’s next?” As I moved back to the Des Moines area several years ago, I was looking for a position that would challenge me and provide a wide variety of work. I’ve found that at The Principal.

    In eight years, I’ve held three positions within Human Resources. Initially, I was a Human Resources generalist where I consulted with leadership in our global asset management business on various people-related topics. Then, I became a senior consultant creating and administering executive and officer development initiatives. As a lead organizational development consultant, I’m working with others to build a change management model and tools that can be used by employees and leaders throughout the organization on larger-scale projects and lead our organizational learning teams.

    I’ve had the pleasure of participating in several other activities too. I’m on the Emerging Leaders Initiative committee for United Way and have led the change and communication efforts for a two-year project within Human Resources to implement and execute a new service delivery model.

    It’s the challenging work and innovative culture that keep me engaged. But, it’s the people I work with and the relationships that keep me here. Thanks to The Principal, I’ve found some of the greatest friendships at work.

  • Kim's Story On Pursuing Opportunities Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

    I stumbled upon The Principal. After college graduation, I thought I'd pursue a job in merchandising—which was my major. A friend of mine was interviewing with The Principal and I thought it wouldn't hurt to go through another interview, even though I knew very little about the company. I became a claims management trainee and moved around from there. I was a team coordinator and a manager in our network operations area. In that time, I also obtained my Master's degree in Healthcare Administration.

    After 12 years I decided it was time for a change. With the help of my leader, I networked, researched and soul-searched to determine what my next step should be. I accepted a position as a corporate negotiator. This change has given me a broader view of the organization. I work with businesses segments across the company to inventory and manage supplier relationships to enhance our relationships with strategic suppliers. One of the things I enjoy most about The Principal is its open culture. Our senior management team is approachable and receptive. And, as a leader of the Asian Employee Resource Group, I appreciate their support and involvement in the various employee resource group diversity initiatives.

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