Help Viewing Applications and Resumes

If you have applied for jobs at the Principal Financial Group®, you can monitor the progress of your application(s) and store different versions of your resumes.

From the Career Tools page click “View applications". The “Status" column indicates where your application is in the recruiting process and will show one of the following:

  • Applied - your application was received and is being reviewed
  • Interview - you have been scheduled for an interview with a recruiter or the hiring manager
  • Decline - an e-mail notification has been sent to you indicating that the Principal Financial Group did not feel you were a good fit for this position
  • Withdrawn - you withdrew your application
  • Offer Accepted - you have accepted an offer of employment with the Principal Financial Group
  • Hired - you have been hired
  • Linked - this status indicates that a recruiter has manually tracked your resume to the position

From the Career Tools page click “View your resumes". A listing of all resumes you have submitted is displayed on the page. A new resume can also be uploaded to this page for future use.

No. Once you have uploaded your resume you can no longer make edits to it. You can, however, upload a new resume reflecting those changes.

There is no limit to the number of resumes you can store on in your list of resumes; however, we recommend that you use some sort of naming convention in order to easily locate a certain resume when applying for an open position.

Access the View Applications page (from the Career Tools page). Select the application you wish to withdraw. Click on “Withdraw application", and select the appropriate reason from the drop-down box. When the pop-up window appears, click on “Yes – Withdraw my application"

You can only withdraw you application if you are in "applied" status. If you wish to withdraw any application that is not in the “applied" status, contact Human Resources at, 866-524-MYHR (6947) or 515-247-MYHR (6947).