Employees Prove "It Gets Better"

Emmy®-award winning film tells powerful stories

Principal is dedicated to creating a culture of inclusion where all employees feel they can be themselves.

The Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender/Ally Employee Resource Group at the company supports this core value with education and awareness to all employees, including members of the GLBT community and their straight allies.

Award-winning Film

One of the group’s latest efforts—a film for the international It Gets Better ProjectTM—has been awarded a 2014 Upper Midwest Regional Emmy.

In the film, members of the GLBTA Employee Resource Group share their personal stories of hope to assure GLBT youth that as they get older, life gets easier. Employees say support in the workplace is one of the things that can truly make a difference.

Message of Hope

"This is a message of hope for GLBT youth that it will get much better and that it is critically important they hang in there and know they have allies. They are not alone," says Nora Everett, senior vice president at Principal and co-chair of the company's Diversity Council.

"Principal is proud to present these inspiring stories to the youth of America because our commitment to diversity and inclusion extends beyond our corporate walls."