Fiduciary FAQs: What you need to know about selecting a 401(k) provider

Like you, our goal is to minimize disruption as we work to understand the impact of the Department of Labor’s fiduciary regulation.

We want to help separate the facts from the myths in this changing environment, so we’ve partnered with Groom Law Group to answer some frequently asked questions about the regulation.

The white paper dives into common questions we’re hearing from advisors on the 900+ page regulation, including:

  • What is the fiduciary regulation and what’s changing?
  • How does the regulation affect 401(k) plan provider selection?
  • What should fiduciaries think about when selecting investments?
  • Active vs. passive investments: what are the considerations?

We’re here to help you navigate the changes ahead. As we continue our analysis of the regulation, you’ll receive updates from us and the experts we work with.

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