Second Quarter 2014 Research on Advisors

Even though advisors say their financial health is on the up-and-up, they may not be reaching Gen Y clients, according to new research from The Principal Knowledge Center.

Key findings

Gen (wh)Y

  • Only 18 percent of financial advisors surveyed are targeting Gen Y clients. 
  • Only 30 percent of American workers overall work with a financial advisor.
  • Barriers to working with a financial professional include fees/costs (29 percent) and fear (16 percent).

Financial lift

  • 41 percent of advisors say individuals begin working with a financial professional for their expert advice and guidance.
  • Advisors recommend clients save 17 percent of their pay, on average, for their retirement.
  • Clients’ top financial blunders include living beyond their means (22 percent) and not saving enough (15 percent).

Advisor check-up

  • 83 percent of advisors, (up from 78 percent last year) rated the financial health of their business as either "healthy" or "very healthy".
  • Advisors’ single greatest pain point is dealing with regulatory and compliance issues (46 percent).
  • Three in four advisors plan to grow their business organically while one in four have plans for growth by partnering with others.
Second quarter 2014 research on advisors

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