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About The Principal®
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Looking for an investment leader you can trust? Look no further.

Feature Story on The Principal

Larry Zimpleman: CEO
Larry Zimpleman, CEO of the Principal Financial Group

Barron's: The Principal Deserves More Interest

The Principal Financial Group® has evolved from a life insurance company into a global asset manager according to a recent profile of the company featured in Barron's.

"Our belief is that many middle-income folks worldwide don't want to become investment experts. Yet, they still can and do articulate what they are trying to achieve. We provide them with the tools to achieve it."

– Larry Zimpleman, CEO

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Larry Zimpleman discusses our growth strategy

Larry Zimpleman shares how The Principal has grown into a global investment management leader.

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About The Principal

For more than 135 years, The Principal has been helping people and businesses manage their investments in all kinds of markets.

No other company is more focused on helping you achieve your financial goals.

In fact, more than 19 million customers worldwide trust us with their hard-earned dollars, and here's why:

  • We are a recognized leader in investment management, with $519.3 billion in assets under management.[1]
  • We are the 4th largest manager of target-date lifecycle mutual funds in the U.S.[2]
  • We are a Top 10 manager of Real Estate.[3]
  • We have a network of specialized investment boutiques managing assets for a broad range of investors around the world, including some of the world's largest and most respected retirement funds.
  • We are the 29th largest U.S. money manager out of 300 managers profiled.[4]

Investors should carefully consider a fund's investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses prior to investing. A prospectus containing this and other information can be obtained by contacting a financial professional, visiting, or by calling 800.222.5852. Read the prospectus carefully before investing.

A mutual fund's share price and investment return will vary with market conditions, and the principal value of an investment when you sell your shares may be more or less than the original cost.

The Principal LifeTime Funds, which are target-date funds, invest in underlying Principal Funds. Each Principal LifeTime Fund is managed toward a particular target (retirement) date, or the approximate date the participant or investor starts withdrawing money. As each Principal LifeTime Fund approaches its target date, the investment mix becomes more conservative by increasing exposure to generally more conservative investment options and reducing exposure to typically more aggressive investment options. The asset allocation for each Principal LifeTime Fund is regularly re-adjusted within a timeframe that extends 10-15 years beyond the target date, at which point it reaches its most conservative allocation. Principal LifeTime Funds assume the value of the investor's account will be withdrawn gradually during retirement. Neither the principal nor the underlying assets of the Principal LifeTime Funds are guaranteed at any time, including the target date. Investment risk remains at all times.

Insurance issued by Principal National Life Insurance Co. (except in NY) and Principal Life Insurance Co. Securities offered through Princor Financial Services Corp., 800.247.1737, member SIPC. Principal Funds, Inc. is distributed by Principal Funds Distributor, Inc. Institutional Asset Management provided by Principal Global Investors. Principal National, Principal Life, Princor®, Principal Funds Distributor and Principal Global Investors are members of the Principal Financial Group®, Des Moines, IA 50392.

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Assets under management figure for the various companies of the Principal Financial Group, as of 12/31/2014.
Principal Funds ranked as the fourth largest manager of target-date lifecycle funds in the United States by Financial Research Corporation Lifecycle Fund Analytic Report. September 2011. "Active multi-managed target-date choices" describes the underlying assets.
Managers ranked by total worldwide real estate assets (net of leverage). “Largest Money Managers,” PENSIONS & INVESTMENTS, data as of June 30, 2013 (October 2013).
Managers ranked by total assets under management as of Dec. 31, 2012. "II 300 America’s Top 300 Money Managers," Institutional Investor, July, 2013.

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