People with disabilities are in nearly all occupations in our community. At Principal, we know we can best serve our customers when our employees of all abilities can be themselves and do their best work. And our communities grow stronger when we share our stories and learn from one another.

Logo for The Facing Project.

That’s why Principal joined forces with The Facing Project, a nonprofit that connects people through storytelling.

We’re proud to share the stories of our employees and community partners in Beyond face value. Read them now (PDF).

We hope you’re inspired by these stories around inclusion and empathy. If you’re ready to start a conversation in your own workplace or community, start here (PDF) with our tips to build trust. Or join the conversation on social media by sharing what you learned using #FacingProject and tagging us @Principal.

Photo of Sarah Nauman.

Sarah Nauman: I’ll take control of what I can

Listen to Sarah's story
Photo of Aurora Post.

Aurora Post: There is place for me

Listen to Aurora's story
Photo of Cara Liu.

Cara Liu: The path I didn’t choose

Listen to Cara's story
Photo of Anonio Kioko.

Antonio Kioko: Finding my way

Listen to Antonio's story
Photo of Jaci Strube.

Jaci Strube: This disease will not define us

Listen to Jaci's story
Photo of Sean Dowling.

Sean Dowling: Showing my support

Listen to Sean's story
Photo of Joe Ryan.

Joe Ryan: A superhero’s journey

Listen to Joe's story
Photo of Stephanie Sonnenfeld.

Stephanie Sonnenfeld: Through the eyes of unconditional love

Listen to Stephanie's story
Photo of John McPherson.

John McPherson: I am more than you see

Listen to John's story
Photo of Cristina Mathis.

Cristina Mathis: Yes, I can

Listen to Christina's story
Photo of Jennifer Schwartz.

Jennifer Schwartz: Answers for Annabelle

Listen to Jennifer's story
Photo of Jennifer Rhoads.

Jennifer Rhoads: Appreciate your differences

Listen to Jennifer's story
Photo of an anonymous person.

Anonymous: No matter what

Listen to their story
Photo of Brandee Ferriss.

Brandee Ferriss: My sister’s protector

Listen to Brandee's story
Photo of Erik Anderson.

Erik Anderson: Rethink your label

Listen to Erik's story
Photo of Brook Sautter.

Brook Sautter: Healing and helping

Listen to Brook's story
Photo of Gayle Feldotto.

Gayle Feldotto: Waiting for another shoe to drop

Listen to Gayle's story
Photo of Alice Lester.

Alice Lester: Finding the path

Listen to Alice's story

And special thanks to our partners in this collaboration: