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Woman just realized all the well-being resources she can access through an EAP provider

Employee mental health: Focus on EAPs (employee assistance programs)

Many businesses with an EAP provider (including tens of thousands of Principal clients, through Magellan Health) may not realize all the well-being resources they can access through such programs.

An EAP offers a range of services to help employees and their families live their best lives, typically including 24-7 phone consultation with licensed mental health professionals and referrals to supportive resources.

“There’s a whole variety of life assistance available,” says Dr. Steven E. Pratt, senior medical director for Magellan and its overall individual member base of 13.8 million. “We have a vast array of those kinds of services, such as finding childcare.”

How an EAP can help your employees and the overall health of your business:

  • EAP phone coaches offer sessions with employees to help them identify and practice coping skills to manage stress and improve their mental health. It’s a first step, Pratt says, and there’s been a dramatic increase in the use of phone coaching throughout the pandemic.
  • A variety of substance use concerns can be treated with EAP services.
  • The range of EAP life-assistance services also may include childcare, elder care, responding to ID theft or other forms of fraud, or other general wellness programs.
  • More intensive training on “reflective listening” and “motivational interviewing” may be available to managers to help improve overall workplace well-being.
  • Magellan’s Critical Incident Response (CIR) team is a specially trained clinical staff continuously on call. CIR consultants help employees process and manage the emotional and physical effects of a traumatic event in the workplace. After an assessment, a CIR consultant may be deployed to help handle the emergency on site.

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