Latest white paper explores new realities of retirement planning

With life spans increasing and people spending more years in retirement, most will encounter a market disruption or two—like the current pandemic. A longer retirement comes at a cost as individuals ponder how to cover extra years without a paycheck.

As a plan sponsor, you have an opportunity to help ease employees’ emotional and financial security through guaranteed income. We tackle this topic with fresh insight in a new white paper from the Longevity Project developed in conjunction with Principal® and the Stanford Center on Longevity.

An in-depth look at longevity and retirement

Bringing you the latest trends, Lifetime Income to Support Longer Life: Retirement Innovation and the New Age of Longevity examines the implications of a longer lifespan and how individuals can plan for it. You will gain additional perspective on several key concepts, including:

  • How the SECURE Act has opened the door to annuities within employer-sponsored retirement plans with safe harbor for the choice of lifetime income provider and portability of lifetime income option.
  • Why lifetime income solutions can be valuable during periods of market volatility.
  • A closer look at optimism among individuals with guaranteed income.

Next steps

Want more insights? Download your copy now (PDF) or read the summary (PDF).


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