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Entrepreneurs and business experts discuss practical solutions to the challenges small business owners like you face every day.


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Photo of Michael Cohen.

How business valuation and succession planning go hand in hand

June 1, 2021

Business owner Michael Cohen was better prepared for the pandemic thanks to all the work he already had done to modernize his operation, build his business value, and map out his estate and succession planning in the wake of his father’s death.

26 minutes

Previous episodes

Photo of Rachel Hunter.

Back to business growth: From panic to pivot

May 6, 2021

Rachel Hunter was a decade into her small business career when the pandemic hit. Faced with losing most of her events-based revenue, she didn’t play it safe—she invested in a calculated massive expansion to fuel a new phase of growth.

32 minutes

Image of Mark West.

How to help save restaurants for the good of all business

February 25, 2021

Restaurants, the hardest-hit industry in the pandemic economy, are cultural hubs of business communities everywhere. Here’s how business leaders can help restaurants innovate and recover.

37 minutes

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