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For Specific Entities: LLCs and S Corporations

If your company is a limited liability company (LLC) or an S corporation, you are likely aware of your unique planning challenges. But, are you also aware of the opportunities? The Principal Financial Group® understands the unique nature of these business entities and has created specific retirement income solutions that will benefit you as the owner of a pass-through entity.

  • Principal LLC BonusSM - A plan allowing members (owners) of LLCs to accumulate wealth and/or create retirement income above what is allowed by their qualified plans. Can also provide a death benefit to help diversify personal income tax liabilities.
  • Principal S Owner PlusSM - A program allowing owners of S corporations to move cash from the business to the owner, personally. Can also provide a death benefit and help maximize tax diversification.

In addition to solutions designed for business owners, we also offer solutions for these business entity types that are designed to benefit their key employees:

  • Principal Executive Bonus PlusSM - A complete executive benefit solution for owners and key employees of growing businesses with an emphasis on bottom-line value and ease of use.
  • Nonqualified Incentive Bonus Plan - A tax-deferred bonus program that gives employers a retention and reward tool that provides additional compensation to Top Hat and non-Top Hat employees.
  • Principal® Select Reward Plan - A program enabling employers to promise a lump-sum bonus payable upon fulfillment of a highly compensated executive's specified service requirement.
  • Principal SERP SelectSM - A simple, yet flexible defined contribution plan designed for growing businesses that want to offer one to five key employees a nonqualified supplemental retirement income benefit.
  • Executive Nonqualified "Excess" PlanSM (Deferred Compensation) - A nonqualified defined contribution plan that allows contributions in excess of qualified plan limits.
  • Executive Nonqualified Defined Benefit Plan (Deferred Compensation) - A nonqualified defined benefit deferred compensation plan that allows employers to provide a supplemental retirement benefit in excess of qualified plan limits.
  • Principal Split Dollar PlusSM - A program that purchases a cash value life insurance policy for an employee and pays for it with loans from the employer.

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Which plan is right for you? This decision tree can help.

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