Group Life Insurance

Help protect your employees and their families.

Providing high-quality benefits is a way to show you value your employees. Group life insurance shows you also value what matters most to them.

Why offer group life insurance?

This important coverage gives your employees the assurance of knowing their loved ones will always be provided for. Employees’ loved ones can use the benefit to cover final expenses, everyday living expenses, and long-term obligations that may otherwise cause financial strain.

How does group life insurance work?

We offer a full portfolio of flexible options. You can pay all, part, or none of your employees’ benefits, depending on your needs and goals. And no matter what coverage you offer, we provide strong support for beneficiaries and timely, accurate payment of claims.

Talk to your Principal representative about offering group life insurance.

Customize a package that works for your business.

Combine employer- and employee-paid coverage to take advantage of special discounts. Both coverage types include flexible options like:

  • Guaranteed coverage (no health questions asked)
  • Spouse and dependent coverage (up to age 26)
  • Early access to benefits for terminally ill employees1
  • Flexible waiver-of-premium options for qualifying disability claims
  • Optional Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) coverage
  • Free access to prepare a will, living will, and power of attorney documents2
  • Express claims processing for qualified claims up to $50,000

Employer-paid term life insurance gives your employees worry-free, cost-free coverage, with:

  • Flat amount, percentage of salary, or combination benefit options
  • Coverage up to $1 million
  • Individual purchase rights that give terminated employees continued coverage
  • Travel assistance for employees and their families2

Employee-paid term life insurance allows employees to supplement their group policy coverage—or to elect to pay for high-quality protection that stands on its own, with:

  • Coverage up to $500,000
  • The ability to increase coverage during annual enrollment
  • Portability options for retaining coverage if they leave their jobs

Build a comprehensive benefits package.

Protect your employees and their loved ones with group life and disability insurance to help maintain their financial stability, no matter what happens. 

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1 There are possible tax consequences to receiving an accelerated benefit payment. Consult a tax advisor for details. Receipt of accelerated benefits could also affect eligibility for public assistance.

2 Not part of the insurance contract and may be changed or discontinued at any time. Principal is not liable for products and services provided by third parties.

This summary is not a complete statement of the rights, benefits, limitations and exclusions of the coverage described here. For cost and coverage details, contact your Principal representative. This information is provided with the understanding that Principal® is not rendering legal, accounting, or tax advice. Consult with appropriate counsel or other advisors on all matters pertaining to legal, tax, or accounting obligations and requirements. Life insurance from Principal® is issued by Principal National (except in New York) and Principal Life Insurance Company, Des Moines, IA 50392.  Policy form GC 6000.

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