Group Vision Insurance

A low-cost benefit with a high impact on overall wellness

Millions of Americans manage vision problems that affect their productivity and overall health. Vision care not only helps with existing vision conditions; it also aids in prevention and early detection of other health issues, like diabetes and hypertension.

Principal Life Insurance Company, a member company of the Principal Financial Group®, offers a variety of vision insurance solutions that benefit your employees and fit into your budget from year to year. You can pay all, part, or none of your employees’ premiums, depending on your needs and goals.

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Vision coverage options for every program

Vision insurance from Principal Life covers a broad spectrum of options, including both managed care and scheduled vision.

Managed care vision1 includes:

  • An established provider network, including independent providers and retail chains
  • A WellVision Exam to detect signs of eye and other health conditions
  • Cost savings on qualifying vision procedures and screenings
  • Discounts, rebates, and special offers on name-brand eyewear
  • Coverage is available to spouses and dependents (up to age 26)

Scheduled vision includes:

  • No deductibles, co-payments, or networks
  • Freedom to visit the employee’s choice of providers
  • Discounts when using a VSP provider
  • Coverage is available to spouses and dependents (up to age 26)

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Managed care vision & scheduled vision insurance: Which is right for your business?

It’s easy to see the benefit of offering vision insurance to your employees, but which insurance is right for your business?

1 Not available in VA

This summary is not a complete statement of the rights, benefits, limitations or exclusions of the coverage described here.  For cost and coverage details, contact your Principal Life representative.