Retirement Income

Help bridge a retirement savings gap.

With the limits and restrictions of qualified retirement plans, highly compensated employees may need additional savings to reach their retirement savings goals. And many business owners plan to rely solely on the sale of their businesses, potentially leaving a lot to chance.

Nonqualified supplemental retirement solutions from Principal® allow you and your key employees to save in a tax-efficient way and help secure your standard of living in retirement.

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Nonqualified plans can help close the savings gap.

Principal offers multiple nonqualified supplemental retirement plans, including defined contribution and defined benefit plan designs, bonus programs, and more, with pre-tax and after-tax plan designs to fit many business sizes and types.

  • For-profit companies
  • C corporations
  • Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) and S corporations
  • Tax-exempt organizations

Even if your business is still growing, offering a nonqualified supplemental retirement plan for key employees can help you attract, retain, and reward the top talent who help keep your growth momentum strong.  

Secure your exit strategy.

For business owners, retirement income is often tied up in the future sale of the business. But delaying negotiations until it’s time to retire leaves your financial security vulnerable to market fluctuations, buyer interest, and urgent timing. 

A buy-sell agreement helps ensure the sale of your business is arranged and agreed to ahead of time—and ready to go when you are. 

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Help with bridging the retirement savings gap

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