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Photo of business owners talking about how COVID-19 has changed their business models.

Two drastically different businesses talk about how the pandemic has inspired changes to their business models that may become a permanent part of operations.

3 minute read
Photo of a business owner calculating how much money or tax credits she could receive from the CARES act Paycheck Protection Program.

These handy calculators can help you decide which financial relief works best for your business.

4 minute read
Photo of a business owner on a video call talking about the PPP Flexibility Act.

Learn about four of the major changes featured in the PPP Flexibility Act.

4 minute read
Photo showing how businesses have changed their operations due to COVID-19.

From remote work to recordkeeping, here’s how small businesses say they’ve changed their operations in the pandemic—maybe for good, because they like the results.

3 minute read
Photo of a business owner who is managing cash flow during COVID-19.

Business owners need good ideas to preserve cash flow in a tough economy. We asked these businesses to share how they’re making it work.

4 minute read
Photos of business owners who have created a plan for employees to return to their worksite.

Even the smallest businesses need a clear plan to help employees return safely to the workplace. This checklist and acknowledgement agreement can help.

8 minute read

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