Could Everyday Expenses Close Your Doors?

Photo of a family working in their family-owned restaurant.

You work hard to attract and keep your customers. Your door is always open, and the idea of telling them to do business elsewhere probably never crossed your mind.

But it could come to that, if you ever become too sick or hurt to work. Could your business survive without you and your revenue for a month? Six months? Even longer? How would you pay office expenses like rent, salaries, utilities, and loan payments?

In a recent study, business owners ranked business protection as their number-one priority, even over medical insurance.

An overhead expense (OE) insurance policy is a key component of a comprehensive business protection plan.

Put simply, this coverage is designed to help cover everyday business expenses in the event that a covered owner becomes too sick or hurt to work.

You can tailor coverage to meet your business’ special needs and receive expense reimbursement to help pay the immediate costs of keeping the business open until you can return to work.

Ultimately, OE insurance helps ensure that unpaid expenses won’t force you to close your doors, in the event of a disability. And that’s the peace of mind you need to grow your business confidently.

Principal Life offers a full suite of individual disability insurance products, as well as Owner & Executive Solutions to help you protect what you’ve worked so hard to build.

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Disability insurance has limitations and exclusions.