Protecting Your Business

Man working at this flower business.

Small business owners identify business protection as their No. 1 goal, but only 30 percent of them have adequate coverage in place to support their objectives. Use these tools and resources to learn more about possible gaps your business might have and how The Principal may be able to help.

How priorities align with practices

Find out how business owners are prioritizing – particularly when trying to balance the needs of their businesses with their own retirement and personal financial goals.

Business Owner Market Study: Priorities vs. Plans (PDF)

Estate planning

Someday, the business you've worked hard for could become your legacy. But leaving important decisions until a time of transition could create unnecessary stress and financial strain—far from ideal conditions for coming to a favorable arrangement.

Solidifying an exit or succession plan and wealth transfer strategy helps ensures that your business and your estate will transition as smoothly as possible when the time comes.