Understanding fee disclosure regulations

Retirement plan fees can be complicated to understand. With the help of a financial professional and resources from The Principal – you can gain a better understanding of retirement plan fees and how they may measure up based on the services provided.

The Department of Labor (DOL) released both final 408(b)(2) plan sponsor fee disclosure regulations and 404(a) participant disclosure regulations effective in 2012.

Statement of regulations

  • Covered service providers, including financial professionals and third party administrators (TPAs) who work with retirement plans, need to disclose to plan sponsor clients the fees they receive and the services they provide.
  • Plan fiduciaries must disclose certain plan, fee and investment-related information to participants and beneficiaries in participant-directed defined contribution plans that are subject to ERISA, such as 401(k) and 403(b) plans.

Resources for you

It's important for you and your plan participants to understand the value they are receiving from their or the employer's retirement plans. This includes plan fiduciaries reviewing the overall value of the services provided to assess whether the fees being paid are reasonable.

The Principal provides a variety of resources that can help you evaluate plan services and fees and communicate benefits to your plan participants.

The Fee Reasonableness Review Checklist (PDF) is a sample template that helps guide plan fiduciaries through the evaluation process.

Consider three variables when determining whether what you are paying is reasonable:

  1. What is being paid? It's up to the plan fiduciary to understand all the fee components - both direct and indirect - being paid for the retirement plan.
  2. What is being received in return? The plan fiduciary should also understand the breadth and depth of the services being received for the fees paid.
  3. What is the assessed value? The plan fiduciary should aim to strike a balance between overall cost and the services rendered through the plan.

The 408(b)(2) Disclosure Checklist (PDF) can help plan fiduciaries evaluate the reasonableness of fees related to the operation and management of a retirement plan.

The Understanding Retirement Plan Fees Brochure (PDF) is available for plan sponsors to help educate participants on the fees associated with the company retirement plan.

Questions about fees

If you have questions about retirement plan fees or fee disclosure regulations, please contact your financial professional, third-party administrator (TPA) or local representative from The Principal.


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