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Photo of a business owner determining if they applied for the PPP loan in good faith.

Having trouble determining whether you applied for your PPP loan in “good faith”? We help you navigate this risk with two key questions to ask about your business.

8 minute read
Photo of Lance Hennesay and his father who owned a family business and utilized family business transition planning to determine the future of the small business.

Being related to your business partner might only complicate things if you don’t account for how it affects your work. Here are 7 tips to help mix family and business.

4 minute read
Photo of an open sign at a small business.

Your small business may not be ready for a full-time CFO or HR department. But there are ways to get extra help by strategically hiring consultants when you need them.

4 minute read
Photo of Bell Brothers Heating & Air, a small business creating a plan for succession.

As a small business owner, know the true value of your business and have a succession plan in place. Here’s how one small business is forming a plan. 

6 minute read
Photo of a chef cooking a meal.

Key Person disability insurance provides a financial cushion to help handle the loss of a key employee. Learn how it can help protect your business.

3 minute read
Photo of a street vendor talking to a customer.

Like people, businesses move through natural lifecycles, and your financial planning should reflect the stage your business is in.

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