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Life Insurance Enrollment

State of Idaho
Term Life Insurance from Principal Life Insurance Company

Idaho State Seal

All too frequently, people fail to plan for the unexpected and severely underestimate their life insurance needs. Experts recommend you have enough coverage to replace 7 - 10 times your annual salary. By purchasing life insurance, you help prepare your family for:

  • Final expenses, including funeral costs
  • Long-term financial obligations
  • Everyday expenses

As an employee of the State of Idaho, Principal Life Insurance Company is pleased to provide you with a special opportunity to purchase life insurance for you, your spouse and children at affordable group rates with no health questions asked.

Employees can purchase coverage up to $500,000 or 300% of salary. And when you purchase coverage for yourself, you may also cover an eligible spouse for up to $50,000 and your children for $10,000.

By enrolling now, you can review and potentially increase your coverage annually - up to the policy maximums. So as your family situation changes, you can remain protected at the level needed.



Maximum with no
health questions

You 100% of salary $500,000 or 300% of salary
Your Spouse $10,000 $50,000
Your Children N/A $10,000
Enroll Now

Complete this form and submit to your Human Resources office.

If you designate a minor as your beneficiary, you also need to complete this form.

Idaho enrollment form

Protect your loved ones from the unexpected.

Calculate your needs now!

Protect Your Loved Ones PDF

Continue your coverage with conversion or portability.


audio available  Watch this brief presentation (3:28) to learn more about life insurance.


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