It’s not about us. It’s about you.

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Beth Brady, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Principal

This all started more than a year ago.   

We wanted to better understand who we are as a company and what our clients and customers are looking for from us.

So we worked with global branding and design experts at Lippincott. They guided the process as we took a deep look at our brand, both inside the company and outside of the company.

Not to reinvent ourselves. But to tap into the strength of who we are and then amplify it. That is what brand is: an expression of what we believe in and what we do for clients and customers.

And what we do—helping people make financial progress—hasn’t changed. In our research, clients and customers told us our employees have a caring spirit. We found that the things we do really well to help people are the very things people told us they value most from a financial services company.

What our refreshed brand does is provide a unified global expression of everything that we are. That’s what we’re revealing. In a bold, modern way. A new look and a new logo. A new visual expression of what we have always been— a company that embraces people, no matter where they are on the journey, and shows them that progress is possible.

The logo for Principal.