Same great company you’ve always known. Now with a new logo.

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Dan Houston, President and Chief Executive Officer, Principal

It’s been an exciting week at Principal. We unveiled a new logo—our new face to the world—that better represents how we embrace people wherever they are in their journey and show them that financial progress is always possible.

The logo for Principal.

Our business has evolved a lot since we created our last logo in 1985. So we wanted our visual identity to evolve, too. It was time for a change.

But we’re still the same strong, stable company you’ve come to know, doing business with integrity. We’re still providing the same exceptional service and expertise you’ve come to expect. And we’re working to simplify financial services in ways no other company has been able to do.

But now, we’ll simply be known as “Principal” around the world. Our full legal name is still the same. And so is our ticker symbol (PFG).

We’re starting the transition to our new look on on March 12. But the evolution will be gradual. It will take 18-24 months to fully implement the change around the world.

Today we celebrate Principal…all 15,000 of our employees in 18 countries serving 19 million customers. We’re a company that helps people live their best lives. And we’re proud to start this new chapter in our history.