Woman on her computer reviewing her 401k account.

Make a date with your 401(k)

Have you checked in on your 401(k) account lately? Make sure you’re not neglecting what could be one of the most important relationships in your life.

Spend a little quality time together and see how it’s doing. Let it know about any changes you’ve made since you last caught up. Maybe you’ve started a new job or added to your family since the last time you were in touch. Once you connect, you’ll see if you are still on track for a bright future together.

4 questions to ask your 401(k)

Communication is the key to any relationship. Here are a few conversation starters to break the ice with your 401(k) account:

1. How am I doing?

Your 401(k) can be refreshingly honest with you. It can let you know if you’re getting the most out it. Review how much you’re contributing and if you are receiving the full employer match, if one is offered. A trip to the Retirement Wellness Planner will help you see if you may be on track to reach your savings goals and how some simple changes may help your financial future. Or, maybe you want to keep in touch with your retirement savings, but you’ve moved on from your former employer? Check out these options for your 401(k) account.

2. Can you reach me?

Are you keeping the lines of communication open at all times? Make sure your 401(k) account has all your up-to-date contact information, so you can easily be reached if there are questions about your account. If your account is through an employer's plan with Principal® you can log in to update your contact information.

3. Did I make my wishes clear?

Have you gotten your wires crossed? Be certain you’ve made your wishes known loud and clear. See if you’ve named a beneficiary or remove any doubt by doing so.

4. Could I step it up?

Is it time to take things to the next level by becoming a Super Saver? See how others have found harmony with their 401(k) accounts. By making a few sacrifices now, you may be able to create a better future.

Next steps

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