Financial gifts that can make a difference.

Family that has given presents this holiday season that may help others improve their financial health.

It’s what we share with others that makes us truly rich.

This holiday season, give the people on your list something that can last a lifetime—resources to help them down a path to greater financial health. From giving financial-focused books to contributing to their college education, your gift can make a real difference in someone’s future. Here are just a few ideas that should be on everyone’s wish list:

Is there a book lover in your life? 

There are a lot of great pieces of literature out there that provide valuable financial insight. Consider giving the gift of financial knowledge to better help your loved ones deal with money throughout their life. Whether it be raising financially fit children, how to find value in everyday things or even planning for retirement. 

Pass along your financial savviness.

It’s never too early to teach your kids and grandkids about money.

  • Giving something as simple as a piggy bank can start a child thinking about saving and reaching a goal.
  • Help your teen open a credit card and assist them in developing a plan for using it responsibly.
  • Invest in your loved one’s future by contributing to their college fund.

Give your adult children a leg up on their future.

Help a young adult in your life make a plan for saving to buy a home, and discuss how mortgage loans work. Is a young family member just starting their career? Perhaps you could let them know about IRAs, then help them understand the tax advantages and potential growth they can enjoy by contributing to it throughout their working life.  

Graphic depicting some alternative holiday present ideas that could help people with their financial health.