Photo of a man with his family celebrating his retirement.

Retirement is within sight. Take a minute to celebrate

Won’t it be nice to have your Sunday nights back?

Retirement is going to bring with it at least some free time. But you may be asking yourself, “What will I do all day? Will I have enough money to live the life I want?”

There’s plenty to look forward to once you take the plunge. Maybe you’ll find a new hobby. Maybe you’ll volunteer more. Or maybe you’ll just enjoy your Sunday nights more, free from worry about the work week ahead.

We know you’ll have many questions to answer about your retirement. But take a moment to celebrate all you’ve accomplished! Years of hard work have brought you to this moment, and now it’s time to take control of the future.

You can start down that path by downloading our convenient retirement workbook (PDF). In it, you’ll find insights, worksheets, and prompts to help you figure out just what life could look like in retirement. 

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