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Let’s be honest: financial planning can be confusing, stressful, and just plain boring. But when you focus on the kind of life you want—the goals, needs, and dreams you have for yourself and your family—your decisions about money get a lot easier. We’re here to help you explore the financial topics that matter to your life.

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All those acronyms related to income taxes can be a little confusing. Here’s a quick cheat sheet to some of the more common ones you’ll see when you’re working on your tax returns.

5 minute read
Couple who is looking into options for lowering their taxes.

2018 is history, but your ability to lower your 2018 taxes might not be.

3 minute read
Woman who is learning how to prepare for tax season.

Tax season is upon us again, and this year there are some big changes after tax reform. Use these strategies to help make your 2018 tax filing as stress-free as it can be.

3 minute read
Photo of a couple who is saving on their taxes while also saving for retirement.

We’d all like to keep more of our hard-earned money, right? Learn how you can save on your taxes while you save for retirement.

3 minute read
Image of a husband and wife doing taxes themselves at home.

The do-it-yourself crowd that self-files with software may be especially nervous to file their 2018 tax returns. Check out our tips when using these tools.

3 minute read
Photo of children who benefit from charitable donations.

Both donors and recipients have some cause for concern after tax reform. Learn more about your options and why you shouldn't disrupt your charitable donations.

4 minute read