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Annuities are a popular, tax-deferred investment vehicle for those in or near retirement (typically ages 50 to 85).

Whether you're starting to invest for retirement or rolling over old retirement accounts into a rollover IRA, you decide up-front how long you'll be investing. When it's time to start receiving payments, you select how and when you receive them.

A deferred annuity might be right for you if you have several years until retirement, you want to accumulate assets on a periodic basis, or you want to begin payments for your retirement or any other need at a later date.

  • Your employer’s retirement plan: Your employer's defined contribution retirement plan is an important retirement savings vehicle.
  • Social Security: While this makes up a portion of your retirement income strategy, it was never designed to provide enough benefits on its own for a comfortable retirement. It may only cover one-third, or even less, of your retirement needs.
  • Personal savings: Personal savings can be a source of income for you during retirement, but it may not offer the tax advantages or growth potential of some other investments. The advantage of personal savings is that it can provide you with cash to help meet day-to-day financial needs.
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