Income protection

Help protect your finances, now and in the future.

When it comes to your financial well-being, there’s nothing more important than your income. It funds the life you enjoy today and helps you save for your retirement dreams down the road.

That’s why maintaining an income—especially when an unexpected illness or injury keeps you from working—is so important.

What is income protection?

Income protection, or disability insurance, is a back-up plan to help protect your income. If you’re too sick or hurt to work, you’ll receive a set amount of money each month, “like a paycheck,” to help pay your bills until you’re able to return to work.

The word “disability” may make you think that income protection only covers accidents, like back injuries or severe falls. While it does, most disabilities come in the form of common, long-term illnesses, like cancer, stroke, or Parkinson’s disease—as in the case of this former NFL player who was diagnosed with leukemia. Income protection helps your finances stay steady while you focus on getting better.

Disability insurance provides a strong financial foundation

Disability insurance isn’t just about planning for life’s surprises. It’s a positive step toward protecting your financial security, no matter what comes your way.

Your income is your life’s financial foundation—it pays for everything you need and enjoy. Everyday expenses, like housing, childcare, and food. And all your insurance—like auto, life, home, and health.

Disability insurance helps make sure your financial foundation maintains a solid footing. By protecting your income from the financial impact of a disabling illness or injury, you can continue to pay the bills, purchase the things you need, and even save for retirement until you’re able to earn an income again. Having a financial back-up plan now can help you keep plans for your family’s future on track.

Continue living the lifestyle you’re used to by protecting your current income if you become too sick or hurt to work. Plus, if you already have group disability insurance through your employer, Disability Income insurance can work with that coverage to give you even more income protection.
Protect your future financial needs (and goals) with DI Retirement Savings, which helps you continue saving while you’re unable to work.


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Disability insurance has limitations and exclusions. For costs and coverage details, contact your Principal Life representative. Oregon policy #HH750OR and HH750OR-2.

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