Disability Income Insurance

Protect the life—and income—you’ve worked for.

From mortgage payments to car payments to groceries and beyond, your income pays for the necessities (and splurges!) of the life you’ve built. That’s why protecting it is so important.

Individual Disability Income (DI) insurance helps cover you when the unexpected happens. It helps ensure you have the money you need—and are better able to continue living the lifestyle you’ve worked for—if you become too sick or hurt to work.

What is Disability Income insurance?

DI insurance provides you monthly payments when you can’t work due to a disabling illness or injury. It’s insurance for your income, similar to how auto insurance covers your car and homeowner’s insurance covers your house.

How does DI insurance work?

Just like with your home, auto, and health insurance, you pay a monthly cost for income protection. If you get seriously ill or hurt and can’t work, Disability Income insurance acts as your financial back-up plan. It lets you focus on taking care of yourself, instead of worrying about how you’ll pay the bills.

In addition to covering your everyday living expenses, it also protects your overall financial health by helping you avoid dipping into your savings or retirement assets.

Do I really need DI insurance?

Yes, if protecting your financial security is important. Your income is a necessity, and being without it could have serious consequences. Still not sure? Get the facts on common misconceptions:

“I’m healthy and active—I don’t need it.”

Of course, none of us want to envision getting so sick or hurt that we can’t work. But it happens. The risk is real. Unexpected illnesses like cancer, heart conditions, and stroke are common causes of disabilities. And they often come with expensive medical bills, which makes maintaining an income even more vital.

“I can’t afford disability insurance.”

Most policies offer coverage that’s flexible and customizable to your specific needs and budget, with the ability to modify as your needs change in the future. In many cases, the cost of your coverage may be as little as a daily cup of premium coffee or a date night out. When you think of it that way, fitting it into your monthly budget feels more doable.

And remember, purchasing DI insurance helps ensure you have the money to pay for your other insurance policies (home, auto, health), too.

“I already have coverage through my employer.”

This is your group long-term disability (LTD) insurance, which your employer generally offers to all employees. It’s a great start, but it’s not always enough income protection. And typically, when you leave your job, you must leave the group LTD policy behind, too.

An individual Disability Income insurance policy is 100% yours. You own the policy, and it stays with you if you change jobs or careers. The individual DI policy will also help supplement any income gaps in your group coverage.

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