Disability Income Protection

Insure your income until retirement.

With disability income insurance from Principal Life Insurance Company, a member company of the Principal Financial Group® (The Principal®), you can protect your financial health from a loss of income due to illness or injury.

  • Benefits can stand alone or supplement any employer provided coverage you may receive at work.

  • Policies can be customized to your budget and move with you wherever life takes you.

  • Should you experience an unexpected illness or injury, our claims service is rated highly among existing claimants: 97% in a recent customer satisfaction survey.*

Talk to a financial professional about protecting the income you’ve worked hard for.

Disability is more common than you may think.

One in four people entering the workforce today will become disabled before they retire**. And the probability of a disability only increases as you age. 

Hear it from Jenny Smith, a financial representative with The Principal: 


Get total protection

Retirement savings protection complements your income protection coverage, helping you continue saving for retirement if you’re disabled. With complete disability protection, you can feel secure that your financial foundation will stay strong. 

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Help protecting your most valuable asset

Insurance Myths: Why Life & Disability Insurance Are More Important Than You Think

You insure your home, your car, and even your health—so why not your life and the income that supports it? 

Why Income Protection?

How would your life change if you were too sick or hurt to work and could no longer earn an income? Learn how Income Protection could help.

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* 2014 Principal Life Insurance Company claimant satisfaction survey.

** Social Security Administration, Fact Sheet, April 2014

Disability insurance has limitations and exclusions.  For costs and coverage details, contact your Principal Life financial representative.