Fixed Annuities

Grow future guaranteed income, your way.

Choose how your money grows up-front, and select from a variety of features and terms for benefits like:

  • Guaranteed return of your principal from most fixed annuities
  • Guaranteed interest rates unaffected by market fluctuations
  • Tax advantages with tax deferral on earnings until withdrawal
  • Flexible access to your money with Free Surrender Privilege terms
  • Emergency access with a Waiver of Surrender Rider, for no additional fee
  • Quick death benefit payouts that pass outside of probate
  • IRS Minimum Distribution notification so help guard against excess tax

Talk to your advisor about how a fixed annuity could fit into your strategy.

Principal helps set you up for success.

Principal offers Single Premium Deferred Annuities for one lump-sum contribution. This type of fixed annuity offers a competitive array of features, a variety of guarantee periods and options for helping maximize your earnings.

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