Variable Annuities

Tap potential for market growth to help maximize future guaranteed income.

Variable annuities offer a unique way to plan for retirement: by accumulating tax-deferred growth based on market performance, and providing a variety of payout options for guaranteed retirement income.

Variable annuities are a long term investment that feature:

  • Guaranteed lifetime income
  • Tax-deferred growth until payout
  • Death benefit to help create a legacy for your beneficiaries
  • Flexible withdrawal privileges with tiered surrender charges

Optional living benefit riders provide growth potential and protection from market risk, and can provide bonuses prior to taking withdrawals. Our optional Deferred Income Rider allows you to seamlessly transfer your money into future a stream of guaranteed income payments, at no additional cost to you.

You can also benefit from the features of variable annuities by using them to fund other tax qualified retirement arrangements, such as Traditional IRAs. Talk to your advisor to learn more. Don’t have an advisor? We can help with that, too!

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More for your retirement: Going beyond your employer’s plan

When it comes to saving for retirement, your employer's retirement plan isn't the only option. 

Tax-qualified arrangements such as IRAs, SEPs, and SIMPLE IRAs are tax deferred. You derive no additional benefit from the tax-deferral feature of the annuity.  Consequently, an annuity should be used to fund an IRA, or other tax-qualified retirement arrangement, to benefit from the annuity’s features other than tax deferral.  These features may include guaranteed lifetime income, death benefits without surrender charges, guaranteed caps on fees and the ability to transfer among investment options without sales or withdrawal charges.

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