Rollover an Account

Simplify your retirement planning

As you change jobs during your career, it’s easy to forget about retirement accounts you leave behind and to lose track of how your investments are doing. Having multiple accounts can be a management headache and potentially a costly one, too. 

Moving – or rolling over – your retirement savings into one account can make managing your retirement savings easier and less time-consuming.

It's also an opportunity to reassess your investment strategy, get a comprehensive look at your retirement savings, and to simplify retirement planning.

Learn more about your retirement plan distribution options (PDF).

Consolidate with a rollover that’s right for you*

There are a couple of options for consolidating your various accounts.  To simplify your retirement planning, you can:

  • Move accounts to your current employer's retirement plan if the plan is with Principal. Log in now to get started.

  • Use the funds to open an IRA. You can roll over multiple accounts should you change jobs. Open an IRA now.

Both of these rollover options offer the potential of growth over time with tax advantages.

We're here to help

Want to discuss an IRA with a financial professional? We offer a variety of ways. Just choose the one that works best for you:

  • Call 800-243-4380 ext. 2550. Our team of financial professionals can answer your questions and make the process easy.

  • Let us connect you with an advisor in your area. Provide us a few details, and a financial professional will contact you.
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Simplify your retirement planning

Log in to roll over funds from a previous employer plan to your current account at Principal.

Help to simplify your retirement savings

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*You should consider the differences in investment options and risks, fees and expenses, tax implications, services and penalty-free withdrawals for your various options. There may be other factors to consider due to your specific needs and situation. You may wish to consult with your tax or legal advisor. 

Financial professionals at 800-243-4380 are sales representatives for the members of the Principal Financial Group. They do not represent, offer or compare products and services of other financial services organizations.