Rollover IRA

Simplify your retirement savings

Having multiple retirement accounts means you’ve done a great job of saving. But it could also mean multiple statements and varying terms and conditions.

Rollover to an IRA*

Rolling over – or moving – your savings from a workplace retirement plan into an IRA with The Principal allows you to:

  • Continue savings for retirement
  • Invest in a broad range of investment products
  • Enjoy the potential of tax-deferred growth
  • Combine multiple accounts to simplify monitoring and management

An IRA can be a great way to save and invest

With an IRA, you achieve greater control and flexibility of your retirement savings.  Consider an IRA when you’re:

  • Changing jobs
  • Preparing to retire soon
  • Enjoying retirement and needing to turn savings into income
  • Transitioning to self-employment
  • Wanting easier tracking and management of your savings

Open your IRA online now.

Additional options

There are several options for your retirement savings and each has advantages and disadvantages that you will want to consider.  Learn more about your retirement savings options (PDF).

We're here to help

Want to discuss an IRA with a financial professional? We offer a variety of ways. Just choose the one that works best for you:


Open a Rollover IRA

Rollover your workplace retirement accounts to your own IRA.

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Simplify your retirement planning

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Help to simplify your retirement planning

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*You should consider the differences in investment options and risks, fees and expenses, tax implications, services and penalty-free withdrawals for your various options. There may be other factors to consider due to your specific needs and situation. You may wish to consult with your tax or legal advisor.

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